The simulation of living

The ideology of consumption, the mediatization of everyday life and the advertising culture of “beauty and happiness” of the youth are the starting point of La Prueba (The Test) of César Aira. This short novel, published in 1992, is about Marcia, a virgin, shy and depressed teenager, who one day is questioned in the streetSigue leyendo “The simulation of living”

The feeling of the migrant

Jesús Urzagasti was born in 1941 in a small town located south of the Bolivian Grand Chaco. His life was marked by a series of displacements that had as goal to access to education. He lived in Yacuiba, Tarija, Salta until arriving, during the sixties, to the city of La Paz. At the headquarters ofSigue leyendo “The feeling of the migrant”

The city (Ciudad) farce

Written in 1966, La Ciudad (The City) is the first novel of the Involuntary Trilogy of the Uruguayan writer Mario Levrero. The print edition in book format appears in 1970. In La Ciudad, from the beginning, we enter that disturbing situation, where there are no clear marks of spatial or temporal references but we findSigue leyendo “The city (Ciudad) farce”

The loneliness of the dying

“The loneliness of the dying” of Norbert Elías, the only child of a Jewish marriage who fails to escape the machines of Nazi Germany. Elías abandons an ascending career of sociologist to devote himself to professional boxing. Then he will try other solutions. He will train as a therapist, study medicine and philosophy and afterSigue leyendo “The loneliness of the dying”

The end of the world is a joke?

The concept of eschatology differentiates the three great religions of the West from the so-called natural religions, which develop one or another form of “myth of the eternal return.” Judaism, Christianity and Islam share instead a doctrine about the final judgment and the end of the world, that is, about the last things that wouldSigue leyendo “The end of the world is a joke?”

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