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Issues about the science

It is clear that scientific knowledge has a “superior” status in the developed societies of the West. In this sense, British-Australian science philosopher Alan Chalmers points out that human undertakings appropriate the “science” label to gain prestige. Now, where is this evaluation of the scientific among citizens from? While there are critical voices around variousSigue leyendo “Issues about the science”

Fear moves the world

The reflection on what man is goes back to the origins of Western philosophical thought, such information about what constitutes the human thing was, paradoxically, a consideration of the animal. Man always needs to be reflected in the animal to find what is his own. In ancient times man sought to recognize human traits inSigue leyendo “Fear moves the world”

“Think” the imagination

Although imagining is not something new, it is true that throughout the ages it has been transformed enough to give rise to a new problematization in different movements. During the twentieth century, the imagination had a privileged place in the conceptual debates about its impact on literary, philosophical, psychoanalytic and political writings, among others. ThisSigue leyendo ““Think” the imagination”

Truce between psychoanalysis and Neurosciences

Psychoanalysis is one of the main therapeutic orientations in the field of mental health. However, in recent decades the greatest influence of biological psychiatry, inspired by neurosciences, and psychological currents with greater affinity with it, such as cognitive-behavioral psychology, is notable. Under this scenario, recent years have witnessed problems, counterpositions and articulations among psychoanalysts, psychiatristsSigue leyendo “Truce between psychoanalysis and Neurosciences”

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