From poets to scientists

The observation of the sky is of the poets. It is possible that the writer front to Science is always an aspirant, but nonetheless, the writer is an observer of the imaginary of science. Every 76 years on average Halley’s comet orbits around the sun, so large and bright that a simple view from EarthSigue leyendo “From poets to scientists”

Concepts interdisciplines that allow to understand the “bridges”

The Conquest of Mexico signed a new ordering of the geographical space for the Spanish Crown. The Spanish Empire saw a future without comparison at the time Cortes reported his discovery. But the conquest of Mexico was not a journey of a group of Spanish with luck, but in the interactions with the natives, CortesSigue leyendo “Concepts interdisciplines that allow to understand the “bridges””

Human insensitivity as normality

Kracauer’s novel, Ginster (1928), reverses the burden of vitalism to revolve around the feeling of death. But death is not presented as transcendence or covered of a sublime halo, but accompanies the war that, as a scenario, frames the misadventures of the subject Ginster. The question for life is in the narrative an answer throughSigue leyendo “Human insensitivity as normality”

The miseries of men

Javier Cercas’ novel, Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) takes a double risk: inscribe in the literature on the Spanish Civil War the place of the “bad guys” and write a war story without heroism. Cercas organize the story from the construction of the image of a character: Rafael Sánchez Mazas, poet and ideologist ofSigue leyendo “The miseries of men”

Travel to write, write to travel

In the most famous travel stories, the object book was not always the original destination of this type of writing. Many of them were initially conceived as intimate diaries, personal memories, epistolary exchanges, travel records, scientific reports or journalistic reports, among other possibilities. On certain occasions, it has been the criticism itself that has recoveredSigue leyendo “Travel to write, write to travel”

The mystery at home

The Cat Inside, by William S. Burroughs, is an intimate diary, barely dated, based on the narrator’s relationship with many cats that went through his life. His affection for cats is occasional, changing, multiple: there is no particular cat in which attention is focused, although it shows a certain predilection for Ruski, a cat “gray-blueSigue leyendo “The mystery at home”

Experiencing the philosophy

Although the life and trajectory of Søren Aabye Kierkegaard is well known, it is interesting to highlight some relevant biographical aspects since the first thing that is found in the Danish philosopher is that biographical readings can be made of all his works. Educated in Lutheranism, in the strong bourgeois imprint of the kingdom ofSigue leyendo “Experiencing the philosophy”

Write with the senses

My dog (female) ​​Tulip, an autobiographical novel by J. R. Ackerley, is also an ethological study about the life of a particular Alsatian dog: the beloved and enigmatic Tulip. The story has as an almost exclusive motive the decipherment of the canine soul, sometimes with terrible anxieties when it comes to relating to the humanSigue leyendo “Write with the senses”

Anthropocentrism was always only of men

William Shakespeare is an undisputed exponent of the English Renaissance and his production collects and reworked the questions and contradictions that loom over the nature and function of men and women in society. Such is the case of the narrative poem The Rape of Lucrece. Shakespeare’s verses bring together the protagonist, her husband Collatine andSigue leyendo “Anthropocentrism was always only of men”

Do not forget

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in Eastern Europe the Jews suffered “pogroms” and poverty. The Japanese Russian War, on the other hand and the First World War had aggravated the situation, since many times, when the father died, the whole family was left without daily support, which often affected young women andSigue leyendo “Do not forget”

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