The contraption to separate humans

Health sciences underwent a radical transformation from the discovery, in 1953, of the structure of DNA. Since then, scientists have made important advances in relation to understanding the functioning of DNA. In 1990, was created the Human Genome Project in order to coordinate research that aimed to identify all genes in human DNA and determineSigue leyendo «The contraption to separate humans»

Fear moves the world

The reflection on what man is goes back to the origins of Western philosophical thought, such information about what constitutes the human thing was, paradoxically, a consideration of the animal. Man always needs to be reflected in the animal to find what is his own. In ancient times man sought to recognize human traits inSigue leyendo «Fear moves the world»

The word as a tool to recover the personal universe

The war is traumatic. Not only for the material bullets that hurt the bodies, but also for the fact that their blows hit the heart of symbolic resources, the only plot in which a person can take place. The core of the traumatic lies in this being devoid of the imaginary-symbolic veils versus the real.Sigue leyendo «The word as a tool to recover the personal universe»

Poetry that comes from Big Bang

According to the postulates of John Berger of 1972, we can affirm that the visible does not exist anywhere except in the set of images that the eye creates when looking. And, although sometimes the visible may remain hidden or alternatively illuminated, once the eye apprehends it, it begins to be part of our livelihood.Sigue leyendo «Poetry that comes from Big Bang»

Hegemonic discourse

The medieval perception was based on a consideration of reality different from the current one, made of invisible immaterial truths. The reality of equality with materiality is a modern mental habit, far from medieval practices; both the natural and the supernatural were for the Middle Ages part of their daily reality, because they represented inSigue leyendo «Hegemonic discourse»

Human insensitivity as normality

Kracauer’s novel, Ginster (1928), reverses the burden of vitalism to revolve around the feeling of death. But death is not presented as transcendence or covered of a sublime halo, but accompanies the war that, as a scenario, frames the misadventures of the subject Ginster. The question for life is in the narrative an answer throughSigue leyendo «Human insensitivity as normality»

The miseries of men

Javier Cercas’ novel, Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) takes a double risk: inscribe in the literature on the Spanish Civil War the place of the «bad guys» and write a war story without heroism. Cercas organize the story from the construction of the image of a character: Rafael Sánchez Mazas, poet and ideologist ofSigue leyendo «The miseries of men»

For the whims of humanity

José Saramago on a trip to Salzburg, Austria, went to a restaurant called «The Elephant» and, inside, stands before an important statue representing the journey of an elephant from Lisbon to Vienna. This encounter aroused a great curiosity that led him to know his story, but could not find too much information about it. Mainly,Sigue leyendo «For the whims of humanity»

The decline of anthropocentrism

The explorations of literary criticism, as well as the other disciplines dedicated to the analysis of various artistic practices, have been affected from some time with the weakening of anthropocentric perspectives. They have been forming, thus, an increasingly broad and heterogeneous conceptual corpus. If at first the reference field with which we intended to identifySigue leyendo «The decline of anthropocentrism»

The «Authority» is above the laws

Eduardo Goligorsky’s story, «Hierarchical Order» (1975), begins with a persecution. Abáscal chases the Cholo, a killer minor, through the low funds of Buenos Aires. Persecutor and persecuted are at the service of the same organization. In contrast to the Cholo, Abáscal is a mercenary with ambitions of greatness and has orders to kill the Cholo.Sigue leyendo «The «Authority» is above the laws»

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