Issues about the science

It is clear that scientific knowledge has a “superior” status in the developed societies of the West. In this sense, British-Australian science philosopher Alan Chalmers points out that human undertakings appropriate the “science” label to gain prestige. Now, where is this evaluation of the scientific among citizens from? While there are critical voices around variousSigue leyendo “Issues about the science”

First ideas to teach reading

In a study that evaluates the knowledge that is part of the process of child literacy in children of different social classes and its impact on the learning of literacy, children from sectors at socio-environmental risk are detected differ from their peers in all dimensions linguistics considered (writing functionality, writing system and oral language). TheSigue leyendo “First ideas to teach reading”

The end of the world is a joke?

The concept of eschatology differentiates the three great religions of the West from the so-called natural religions, which develop one or another form of “myth of the eternal return.” Judaism, Christianity and Islam share instead a doctrine about the final judgment and the end of the world, that is, about the last things that wouldSigue leyendo “The end of the world is a joke?”

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