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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in Eastern Europe the Jews suffered «pogroms» and poverty. The Japanese Russian War, on the other hand and the First World War had aggravated the situation, since many times, when the father died, the whole family was left without daily support, which often affected young women and they seen on a trip the only way out to survive. Emigration to Buenos Aires appeared as a very attractive project for traffickers of women, because in that moment was a city with a large male population in addition to having a weak and corrupt legislation.

The traffickers usually sending a ruffian to a poor area of ​​Europe, who then selected the young girl and convince to family to live the «American dream». He married her through a mock marriage, without the corresponding civil union that could have protected to the victim. This false link together with the traditional obedience that the woman to man, reduce her miserable existence to slavery

Women were known as «Polish», a generic name applied to all Jewish prostitutes in Argentina, whether they come from Poland, Russia or Romania, and while some were sold to survive, most had been fooled, so which constituted an immigration without return since in addition to being humiliated by their activity, they suffered just like the rest of the Jewish community.

On the other hand, of all the immigrant groups in Argentina, it was the Jew who distinguished himself most in the fight against prostitution, on the one hand moved by a fear of the resurgence of xenophobic feelings and on the other by the rigid religious laws that they rejected the activity, to the point that the entire associated group to traffic and prostitution was segregated from the local Jewish community.

For these reasons, the Israelite Society for the Protection of Girls and Women or Ezras Noschim (Assistance to Women) was created, an institution created in London and chaired by the Baroness of Rothschild, especially to protect the arrival of Jewish women to american continent.

Old Buenos Aires

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