For the whims of humanity

José Saramago on a trip to Salzburg, Austria, went to a restaurant called “The Elephant” and, inside, stands before an important statue representing the journey of an elephant from Lisbon to Vienna. This encounter aroused a great curiosity that led him to know his story, but could not find too much information about it. Mainly,Sigue leyendo “For the whims of humanity”

First ideas to teach reading

In a study that evaluates the knowledge that is part of the process of child literacy in children of different social classes and its impact on the learning of literacy, children from sectors at socio-environmental risk are detected differ from their peers in all dimensions linguistics considered (writing functionality, writing system and oral language). TheSigue leyendo “First ideas to teach reading”

The trade of traveler

“And to begin again it was the most repeated task in the world. In fact, only there was the Repetition: in the beginning”, say the narrator of Un Episodio en la Vida del Pintor Viajero (An episode in the life of the traveling painter) of César Aira. The novel assumes the form of a biographySigue leyendo “The trade of traveler”

The decline of anthropocentrism

The explorations of literary criticism, as well as the other disciplines dedicated to the analysis of various artistic practices, have been affected from some time with the weakening of anthropocentric perspectives. They have been forming, thus, an increasingly broad and heterogeneous conceptual corpus. If at first the reference field with which we intended to identifySigue leyendo “The decline of anthropocentrism”

The “Authority” is above the laws

Eduardo Goligorsky’s story, “Hierarchical Order” (1975), begins with a persecution. Abáscal chases the Cholo, a killer minor, through the low funds of Buenos Aires. Persecutor and persecuted are at the service of the same organization. In contrast to the Cholo, Abáscal is a mercenary with ambitions of greatness and has orders to kill the Cholo.Sigue leyendo “The “Authority” is above the laws”

The meaning of the discourse

In 1969 Jacques Lacan, after the rector of the École Normale Supérieure removed to him the Dussane room, begins, on November 26, a seminar “The reverse of psychoanalysis” in the amphitheater of the Faculty of Law. This year seals the beginning of the formalization of what will be known as the “theory of the fourSigue leyendo “The meaning of the discourse”

The journalistic ability to show reality

“The chronicle is the form of real story where prose weighs more: where writing weighs more.” Martín Caparrós (Argentinian writer) “Haiti. La Isla de la Fantasia (Haiti. The island of fantasy)” and “Lima. Perfume del Fin (Lima. Perfume of the end)”, published in 1991 and 1992 respectively, are two of the chronicles written by CaparrosSigue leyendo “The journalistic ability to show reality”

The difficulty of expressing the disease

In Anthropology of Pain, David Le Breton defines the sensation of pain, in the first place, as an intimate and personal fact that escapes to any extent, to any attempt to isolate or describe it, to any desire to inform another about its intensity and its nature. For the French anthropologist pain is “a failureSigue leyendo “The difficulty of expressing the disease”

King Arthur. Knowing the origin of known stories

Mabinogion is a traditional term with which a collection of one-time stories written in Middle Welsh is known, that is, in Welsh that was written in Wales between 1100 and 1350. But the compilation itself is not medieval because it was written by the First translator of the English texts, Lady Charlotte Guest, in theSigue leyendo “King Arthur. Knowing the origin of known stories”

The power of the city over the individual and its influence on novels

Preterito Perfecto (Preterite perfect), the novel by writer Hugo Foguet, states that “The city is the sacred space where the fate of the characters is fulfilled”. The author explains in an interview: “As for the city as a recurring factor, the habitat of modern man is the city, and the counterpoint between present and past,Sigue leyendo “The power of the city over the individual and its influence on novels”

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