Hegemonic discourse

The medieval perception was based on a consideration of reality different from the current one, made of invisible immaterial truths. The reality of equality with materiality is a modern mental habit, far from medieval practices; both the natural and the supernatural were for the Middle Ages part of their daily reality, because they represented inSigue leyendo “Hegemonic discourse”

Anthropocentrism was always only of men

William Shakespeare is an undisputed exponent of the English Renaissance and his production collects and reworked the questions and contradictions that loom over the nature and function of men and women in society. Such is the case of the narrative poem The Rape of Lucrece. Shakespeare’s verses bring together the protagonist, her husband Collatine andSigue leyendo “Anthropocentrism was always only of men”

Do not forget

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in Eastern Europe the Jews suffered “pogroms” and poverty. The Japanese Russian War, on the other hand and the First World War had aggravated the situation, since many times, when the father died, the whole family was left without daily support, which often affected young women andSigue leyendo “Do not forget”

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